The service departmentat Duggan Oil Company has over 40 years experience to keep your heating system functioning properly and efficiently.

Our service vans are stocked with all the major brands of parts to keep your system up and running on the coldest days.

Service Plan Value
Service plans ensure that you will receive
professional preventive maintenance for your oil burner and fuel oil tank. An oil burner cleaning which is included in all of our plans will increase your heating efficiency and allow you to save on heating costs. Our plans have been designed to be economical and a good value. The purpose of the plans is to keep your heating and hot water system working at peak efficiency and to keep critical parts maintained. To avoid the risk of expensive repairs take advantage of one of our service plans. Each plan offers a different level of protection and peace-of-mind.

Service contracts
We offer a wide range of contract options that will best suit your needs giving you peace of mind!

Primary Coverage
Duggan Oil Company guarantees to provide “24 hour emergency service” day or night on your oil burner and controls. This service is available every day of the year, i ncluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays!!!

Primary coverage “includes annual tuneup” to ensure peak efficiency of operation throughout the year. There is no charge for parts or labor covering more than $2000 dollars in parts.

Water Coverage
Extended option to the primary coverage of your heating system covering water related parts such as relief valves, feed valves, etc.

Additional zone coverage
Extended option that covers extra zones.

Oil tank coverage
Extended option to our automatic customers protecting their new and old tanks with its $1000 dollar tank replacement warranty. It’s another smart way we deliver piece of mind around the clock!

Premium Heating Plan with Oil tank coverage
Our Premium Heating Plan includes your annual tune-up; Duggan Oil’s Oil tank coverage, and most parts and labor associated with maintaining your heating system at peak efficiency. In addition, emergency service is available 24 hours a day 7 days per week at no additional cost for covered parts.
Maintenance & Tune-Up
Professional preventive maintenance is strongly recommended annually for all heating systems. Maintaining and adjusting your oil burner will help save over 10% on heating costs and add years to life expectancy to this expensive equipment. This service tests and adjusts your oil burner for maximum efficiency using precision equipment. All safety and operating controls will be checked. Motors and bearings will be lubricated. Electrodes, fan, pump, furnace, flue pipe to chimney and chimney base will also be cleaned.
Parts & Labor Coverage
If your furnace or boiler requires service, the labor and most of the parts will be covered at no cost to you. This service is expected to occur during normal business hours. Emergency service will be charged at prevailing rates if not covered under contract.
Emergency Service
Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week at no cost for covered parts to Premium Heating Plan customers. If your heating system needs repairs after normal business hours give our office a call and we will take care of the rest.
Call 781-767-4400 or e-mail us for a quote on the coverage that best meets your needs.